Reading the Bible with the Global Church

July 7, 2011 in Mark, Bible, Bible translation, Church, Mission, Theology by Mark

For me one of the biggest blessings of being involved in cross-cultural mission is having the opportunity to read the Bible with people of different cultures who are living in very different situations to myself, and in the process learning more about the biblical text and about God himself. I’ve written before about how I think the church’s role should never be simply to teach the Bible, but rather to help give people the tools to engage with the Bible in their own language, and then to read it together with them.

Eddie gave a talk about this a while back at Redcliffe College in the UK, giving some great examples of what might happen when the global church reads the Bible together. It’s well worth taking the time to hear what he has to say…
Redcliffe_Lecture_in_Bible_and_Mission_2011_-_Eddie_Arthur.mp3 Download the talk (mp3, 22MB)
Chadian men reading