Luke’s gospel dedicated in Ikoma

October 7, 2011 in Wycliffe, Africa, Bible translation, Front, Tanzania by Mark

On Monday this week the gospel of Luke, translated into the Ikoma language from the south-east of Tanzania’s Mara Region, was dedicated by the church leaders and translators who had been involved in the translation project for the last few years. For me it was a great excitement to see this first Scripture book produced in Ikoma, just over six years after the survey team that I was part of first visited Ikoma, Nata and Isenye villages to meet people and discuss the need for Bible translation into their language.

Michael Nicholls, a colleague of ours, has posted some excellent photos from the day, a few of which I have reproduced below…

Men reading Ikoma Luke

Woman with book

Books being brought in

Children looking on

People looking at book

Girl reading book

People listening

Old man

People praying