Turning the world upside-down: Luke 4:14-30

November 11, 2011 in Mark, Bible, Front, Mission, Theology by Mark

In Luke 4 we see Jesus enter the synagogue at Nazareth, read from the scroll of the prophet Isaiah and announce that the prophecy of good news for the poor, release of captives, healing of the blind and the year of the Lord’s favour has been fulfilled that very day. The crowd are amazed and speak well of him. But then something changes. Jesus says a few things, and apparently within minutes the previously eager and expectant crowd are trying to throw him off a cliff.

What changed? Why did the crowd suddenly switch from accepting Jesus to trying to kill him? And what does any of this have to do with God’s mission in the 21st century?

You can listen to a talk I gave at Calvary Chapel Petaluma this past Sunday about this account, and hear some of the things that I am learning from it…

2011-11-06.mp3 Download the talk (mp3, 35MB)