by Laura

Easter Weekend

April 8, 2012 in Life, Front, Laura by Laura

This year Easter is different for us. For one, it may be the first Easter I’ve cooked (by myself). We decided to have our main Easter meal on Saturday because we knew we’d be busy on Sunday. In this part of Tanzania the main meats are cow, goat and chicken – and I opted for beef seeing as I’ve not yet had the chance to prepare goat, and I don’t have a chicken handy to slaughter… Because the meat here is often tough, I have been marinating cubes of beef in apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. After doing that for a few hours I brown the meat and add it to a covered casserol with peeled potatoes, carrots and a couple quartered onions. Spiced with rosemary and salt, after a couple hours in the oven, it was ready to eat. Still getting used to our oven here, and next time I will be sure to add a little more liquid as it was a tiny bit dry. It was good overall, and we had leftovers for Easter, which is just what I wanted! Read the rest of this entry →

by Laura


January 10, 2012 in Life, Front, Laura by Laura

The last week has been a whirlwind visit to Mark’s family and our supporters in our other home country, England. New Year’s day we flew into London Heathrow airport very early in the morning and were met by Mark’s happy, sleepy parents. It had been a year and a bit since I’d seen them and about 7 months for Mark, so it was a very happy reunion!

The next few days were sleepy ones with few events planned except a dentist check up. On Wednesday evening we were able to attend a prayer group for Mark’s home village Semington where we shared a bit about what we’ll be doing in a few days time. It was a very encouraging time as we caught up with supporters, including our friend Sarah who has been working in the United Arab Emirates and has very interesting stories about life in Abu Dhabi. Read the rest of this entry →

by Laura

Baked Apple

October 5, 2011 in Life, Crafts, Front, Laura by Laura

Apples from mi madre.  Don’t know what kind they are, but looked good for baking.  Decided that since it is officially autumn, we could use some festive, warm apple inside us!  This is a really (I mean really) simple thing to make – anyone could do it!  Except maybe leave the cutting part to adults (och, that reminds me of an almost horrible kids-with-knife-babysitting-experience I had a looong time ago…shiver…).

Be careful with knives.

They’re sharp and pointy.

Safety first!

Ok I think we can continue…

Just take two apples – like these two little buddies below: Read the rest of this entry →

by Laura

Different territories

October 1, 2011 in Life, Laura by Laura

A couple weeks ago Mark and I were out for our usual walk around the park when, on our way down the street across from us, we met a delightful woman.  We’ll call her Renata.  She was ever-so bubbly, chatting on and on about her love of walking and her late husband’s ‘stupid’ refusal to ever get out walking with her.  He said his Renata was a ‘radical’ for going round the park track everyday, and wouldn’t go with her, no matter how many times she asked, what the doctor says, or how close she put his walking shoes next to his lounger. Read the rest of this entry →

by Laura


September 29, 2011 in Life, Laura by Laura

I am really enjoying Wednesdays!

My husband, for those who don’t know him, is task-oriented.  He sees what needs doing and does it quickly and often eerily quiet-like.  Well, it all began last week when he started going to a guy’s discussion group at 5am (a time when I am zombified by sleep) where they talk about the Bible or football (or something) and then go to work.  Mark doesn’t really ‘go’ to work  – rather he ‘stays’ to work at home – and so has a flexible schedule.

Being the slacker that he is, he takes a little drive over to our community owned grocery store, whips out the list and does the week’s shopping and then makes his way home.  Added to this is his remarkable quietness.  Some people forget there’s a sleeping body in the next room, continue humming the song that was on the radio, shut cupboard doors with a shocking lack of gentleness and move around like the house is on fire and they’ve got 3 minutes to grab all their memories…  No, not Mark.  I am realising he is very stealthy.  I’ll wake up at 8am or whatever and he’ll be sat at his computer working and I notice all the groceries are tidied away.  If I didn’t know better, I’d think the grocery stork had made a delivery.

After I’ve crawled out from the bedroom, sleepy-eyed, he asks: ‘Are you ready for breakfast?’  Me: ‘Uh – yeah…’  I’ve barely even put my glasses on and gone tinkle by the time he’s set our house right, mulled over theology with other like-minded men and spooned out the morning oats.  You would never guess he’s not a morning person on Wednesdays.  Today he even threw in a breakfast with the pastor to talk missionally – all before 9:30am or something…!

Where did this man come from?!  Does it get any better than Wednesday?  Don’t think so.  I mean, I know I am bragging and all.  Actually, if I continue this shining report on my husband’s dutifulness – he’s sure to blush.  So, I’ll just leave it at that.

I love Wednesdays (and Mark, too)!