Bio-diversity and Linguistic Diversity in God’s Creation

May 13, 2012 in Mark, Bible translation, Culture, Front, Justice, Language, Mission, Tanzania

There are around 6,900 languages spoken around the world today, and probably several million species of plants and animals. A BBC article today suggests that those areas of the world that have a particularly high degree of biodiversity are often the very same areas that are the most linguistically diverse.

The report also mentions that there are a large number of both languages, and also plants and animals, that are endangered and threatened with extinction in the coming decades. What is a Christian response to the fact that this diversity is threatened? Read the rest of this entry →


June 9, 2008 in Life, Laura

We have had some really cool encounters with birds lately. Its been an especially nice treat for me because it means I can enjoy little creatures without having pets, as our situation doesn’t allow us to have any.

When we were at Windsor Castle on Saturday ~ on an amazing date planned by my thoughtful husband! ~ we spotted this adorable little guy on the wall looking out over the mote. A small crowd soon gathered when people realised we were looking at the wall, and not the beautiful scene beyond.

Little friend

A hole on the outside of our wooden flat has also become a home for a family of birds, although I am not sure what type because they stay inside a lot! I hope their mummy is ok because I tend to hear the little chirpies a lot…! My ear is now trained to the sound of baby birds and I have found a couple of nests just by listening out…impressive eh?! : )

Praise the Lord for his creation ~ and that we get a daily dose of birdies where we live!