Easter Weekend

April 8, 2012 in Life, Front, Laura

This year Easter is different for us. For one, it may be the first Easter I’ve cooked (by myself). We decided to have our main Easter meal on Saturday because we knew we’d be busy on Sunday. In this part of Tanzania the main meats are cow, goat and chicken – and I opted for beef seeing as I’ve not yet had the chance to prepare goat, and I don’t have a chicken handy to slaughter… Because the meat here is often tough, I have been marinating cubes of beef in apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. After doing that for a few hours I brown the meat and add it to a covered casserol with peeled potatoes, carrots and a couple quartered onions. Spiced with rosemary and salt, after a couple hours in the oven, it was ready to eat. Still getting used to our oven here, and next time I will be sure to add a little more liquid as it was a tiny bit dry. It was good overall, and we had leftovers for Easter, which is just what I wanted! Read the rest of this entry →

A Day in the Village

February 6, 2012 in Life, Mark, Africa, Front, Tanzania

One of the highlights for us of our 3-week orientation course was the trip last week to a village near the historic town of Bagamoyo. We spent a few hours with the people of the village, enjoying their hospitality and getting to know a little bit about their way of life.

As well as being served a delicious meal, we also got to see some of the crops and fruits that they grow in their fields, even picking, roasting and shelling some cashew nuts – quite a process, which explains why cashews are generally so expensive! Read the rest of this entry →