We are settling in nicely to life here at the Wycliffe Centre at Horsleys Green. Sorry for the delay in getting this posted…! As you can imagine, early married life is something to settle into – we’re getting there! : )

Work has started for both of us – Mark in the Mobilization Department working as Recruitment Coordinator and myself in Personnel and Member Care writing up lots and lots of Annual Reports (or at least trying…!). We’ve found life on the Centre very comfortable and fun (are we allowed to say that work is fun?). We love our new jobs and the opportunity we have for the next year or so to get to know the administrative side of Wycliffe.

Not only is work fun….the people we’ve met here are fantastic! Its been amazing for myself to start work in a Christian environment, and I know that Mark really appreciates the fellowship here at the Centre! In Personnel I work with a wonderful group of ladies who stop to pray for people more than they work I think…! Who was it that said ‘prayer is the greater work?’ Well, these ladies get it! : )

Tuesday 6th February all of the Centre came together for a half day of prayer for the different aspects of activity happening in each department of Wycliffe as a whole at the moment. It was an encouraging time of unity among the departments and groups here at Horsleys Green!

Highlights of our move to Horsleys Green:

  • Beautiful scenery to look at as we walk to get groceries!!!
  • Nice housing with heating!
  • A welcome into Centre life by the Admin Departments (plus some really yummy cake made by Mark’s coworker Alison in Mobilization – thanks Alison! : ))
  • Great running trails with few hills…I am still trying to keep up with Mark…! : )

Less good things about High Wycombe:

  • COLD! Brrr!!!!!!!!! (Mark’s ok…I am slightly frozen!)
  • Wearing 100 layers to get the laundry a few yards down the road…!
  • No flip flops…! (Bye bye California…)

We truly appreciate the prayers and other support so many have given us to make this transition a really smooth one! Thanks to everyone who’s been by our side to get us safe and settled into our new life here!


Arnott A – our new flat

Our cozy kitchen

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