I would like to share a little I learned about a very sobering topic this weekend at a lady’s breakfast at one of the local churches here in the area. It isn’t as pleasant and jovial as some of the other things we’ve put as topic for our past articles here at Every Tongue, but we hope that it will, if nothing more, raise awareness and provoke thought and action among some of you.

A representative from Stop the Traffik came to speak with us about slavery at our lovely breakfast hosted by some of the laies at Long Crendon Baptist. Shockingly, this was not a disussion on slavery of a past era with which we are all familiar. Names like William Wilberforce were tossed about, but this was not the era we were facing at our lady’s meeting. Appalingly, this was to be a presentation on the current rate of slavery and human trafficking occuring on an international level, but also at our front door and in our neighborhood.

I learned that bonded labor has not in fact been abolished, but is more present now than at the time of our anti-slavery leaders and icons we hear so much of. Human trafficking is the form it takes more frequently today which involves deceit and abuse we could not imagine in the ‘post-slavery’ times we thought we were living.

I won’t say much more except to end with my own thoughts about how to take action against something most people had thought non-existant. We are all very busy people, with sometimes very distracting lifestyles and very real concerns of our own. We often times find ourselves already fighting against other injustices when we are struck with another issue just as worth attention as the one with which we are working. After thinking and praying and tears, I am more convinced than ever that this is Christ’s battle – and we serve Him. So, although we are busy and already have ’causes’ – Christ is our ‘Cause’ and we are His representatives. Although the task is overwhelming, He has put us exactly where He wants us and will give us strength to respond in the ways He wants us to.

There are many practical things one can do to help the many children and women being trafficked that doesn’t involve leaving your local area including these ten things recommended by Stop the Traffik:

  • Sign the Global Declaration Card and buy a freedom Key
  • Buy more Fairtrade products on a weekly basis and encourage your supermarket to stock more Fairtrade products
  • Sponsor a child (eg. Compassion) and remove them from the risk of veing trafficked
  • Give regular financial support to an organisation (eg. Oasis) that has prohects to rescue and help those who are trafficked
  • Lobby Government: Write a letter to your MP (Chaste website www.chaste.org.uk has postcards ready to email to your MP)
  • Keep as well informed as possible
  • Tell others in order to raise the profile, perhaps form a group
  • Get involved practically in an initiative at home or overseas
  • Be prepared to speak in the public arena
  • Like Wilberforce you may want to dedicate your life to fighting this injustice

The easiest option, and groundwork to any of the above, is to take a few minutes to visit these links to see what’s going on in the world around us. The better informed we are, the better armed we are to respond to injustice around us.


Thank you for reading this slightly more serious article of ours. Let’s pray for our Lord to have His will accomplished through our lives to spread His light to a dark and lost world.

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