We spent this last weekend in Cambridge where I (Mark) used to be at university. One of the peculiarities of Cambridge University is that if you manage to be an honourable member of society for four years after receiving your BA, the BA gets turned into an MA.

So on Saturday I was there with all my friends as we dressed up in gowns, boe ties, bands and badger hoods, held on to one guy’s fingers, and knelt down in front of another guy, holding out our hands in a way that makes it look like you’re about to start a game of slapsies. I wasn’t brave enough to try it though.

Although going through this whole ordeal did mean that I actually felt that I had done something to earn the MA at least…

After that a group of us braved the cold to have a barbecue (well James braved the cold and we all stayed inside and ate the sausages he cooked) which was good fun. I’m not sure Laura is particulary impressed by this so called spring weather though… “How do you guys live here? I don’t even want to breathe…!”

It was a good time and really great to see so many of my university friends again. Another highlight of the weekend was visiting one of our supporting churches in Cambridge and seeing lots of old friends again there.

Unfortunately we forgot to take our camera. Fortunately there were others who remembered their’s so we do have a couple of pictures…

Jim, Miklos, me, Alex, Saad, James, Andrew and James

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