Thanks for your prayers for the “Wycliffe and Me” event last Saturday. The event seemed to go really well. We had 18 people attend, who all seemed to enjoy having the opportunity to ask lots of questions about the work of Wycliffe, and being able to talk to so many people with experience of working overseas.

It’s always a privilege for us to be able to share a little bit about the Lord’s work both here in the UK and overseas. It’s also really exciting to see so many people interested in finding out more about the work of Bible translation and how they can be involved in it.

A piece of good news is that Laura’s UK residency application was approved last week which is very exciting! It means that she is now allowed to stay in the UK until March 2009, at which point we’ll be able to pay another large sum of money for permanent residency. (In Tanzania it’s called a bribe… in the UK it’s called an Application Fee)

Laura has taken up a new hobby – planting… anything and everything! We’ve been able to make the most of the compost heap on site and free recycled plant pots at a local garden centre to feed her addiction. I (Mark) have had to resign myself lately to taking second place to about 50 tiny little green shoots.

The weather has been wonderful here for the last couple of weeks, so we’ve really enjoyed walking around and making the most of the beautiful countryside around here. Here’s a few of the photos we took…

Mrs Laura Greenfingers Woodward 1

Mrs Laura Greenfingers Woodward 2

Mrs Laura Greenfingers Woodward 3

Mrs Laura Greenfingers Woodward 4

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