This weekend we were able to move into our new home here on the Wycliffe Centre. It’s actually slightly bigger and nicer than our previous house, and we’re paying the same rent which is great.

In the last couple of days I’ve had the novelty of actually losing Laura for a whole 5 seconds, which wasn’t really possible in our previous house. It’s also strange (in a good way) to find that not everything is within half an arm’s length in the kitchen.

On Friday after work we moved a few things into the new house, and then felt very rich as we could choose which of our two houses we would sleep in that night!

At work things are carrying on as normal. Mark had meetings last week with the whole of the Mobilisation department which went well, looking at what we’re doing now and what we should be focussing on in the next year.

Laura had a bit of a tummy bug last week but she’s feeling a lot better now. She is very excited about being able to have a bath for the first time in several months! (She has had a couple of showers in the meantime…)

Here’s a few pictures of our nice new house…

Laura in our new kitchen

And her new best friend…

The front room

With the cute little dining room table

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