OK, so the last week has been pretty rainy, but on the whole we have had some wonderful sunshine the last few weeks! Our little plants have been very appreciative (see below) and are inching ever so slightly closer to the sun each day.

We have been enjoying the nice weather too, and have been out running quite a few times, exploring the trails through the beautiful countryside around the centre.

We had our Wycliffe UK conference a couple of weeks ago which went well – it was good to see lots of people, those based in the UK and some others from further afield. And then last week I (Mark) took a course called “Learning that lasts”, learning how to teach adults… in a way that makes them remember and not fall asleep! So hopefully I’ll be able to put some of that into practise over the next few months…

We’re both enjoying our jobs here at the centre, although Laura finds her work a little bit overwhelming at times. Every now and then we start to miss Africa though…!

Well, we’re old and boring and can’t think of any more news. Laura’s turning into a Granny – reading, gardening and wanting to play Scrabble. Maybe we should get back to Africa so we have something interesting to write about…! Well I think the Lord has us here for another couple of years, but we’ll see after that!

For now, here’s some pics of our “garden”…

Our not-so-little-any-more herbs

We’re hoping the flowers will actually get some flowers at some point…

Our “garden”

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