To get to their new house on the other side! We have some good news about our accommodation – we learnt recently that Wycliffe will have another small house available directly opposite our current house! So we can move into there at the end of May, paying the same rent as we’re paying at the moment! So thank you for your prayers for that – we’re really blessed by how it has all worked out.

Here at the Wycliffe Centre things are going well. We’re both enjoying our jobs – Mark working in the mobilisation department and Laura trying to juggle two jobs, collecting members’ annual reports and being part-time PA to the executive director.

Please pray for wisdom for Laura as she combines the two roles. She’ll be trying to start printing off the annual reports, covering letters and envelopes in the next couple of weeks, so please pray that all of this goes smoothly.

Next week we have the Wycliffe UK annual conference which we’re looking forward to. It’s a time of catching up with people, worshipping God together and making not very exciting but quite important business decisions. Please pray for the week – for wisdom for us all and for a good time.

This last weekend we’ve been at Mark’s parents’ in Wiltshire which has been good fun. Here’s a few pics…

A nice swan on the river

It was a windy day

Us with Lizzi and Phil (Mark’s sister and brother) at a wedding a few weeks ago

The bride and groom – Ben and Emma – driving off in a tractor

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