We really love the countryside around where we’re living – it’s so lovely to be able to go for walks on the dozens of footpaths through woods and across fields. Yesterday we took a walk to the next village of Stokenchurch where we go to church.

It was the village fete, which for those of you not familiar with the finer details of English village life, is when the whole village comes together for the purpose of buying second hand books and pots of jam.

It was actually really interesting, as the church was open with lots of flower arrangements inside, as well as the church records for the past 300 years, recording all marriages and baptisms since 1707. I don’t think either of us have ever looked through a 300 year old book before…!

One of Laura’s favourite ways to pass time over the past few months has been helping to keep the Wycliffe “Boutique” tidy. The boutique is a place where people bring their old clothes and other things, and any Wycliffe people can take them. It’s kind of like a charity shop, but everything is free! So we’ve been really blessed to get some nice clothes and kitchen things from there in the last few months.

Laura was actually heard yesterday saying “Whoo it’s hot today!” which was quite something for a Californianish girl. She thinks she’s becoming Englishised though, drinking tea every day (not English tea though), calling the trash “rubbish”, saying “quite” before everything, and always talking about the weather. In a couple more years she’ll be completely Englishified…

Our jobs continue as normal… so we won’t bore you with any more about them at the moment. Here’s a few pictures from our walk yesterday, and a trip to Warwick Castle last week with some of the volunteers from the Centre.

The rolling hills of England

A pretty peacock

Looking out from the top of the castle tower

An archer’s view of the river

The water mill that supplied power to the castle for many years

A bridge from nowhere to nowhere

The invading armies are almost here…!

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