This week (23-27 July) Laura will be taking part in the Window on Wycliffe course here at the Wycliffe Centre. The course is for people who have recently joined Wycliffe or who are interested in working in Bible translation.

Mark will be teaching on part of the course, and will also be there to talk with those interested in working with Wycliffe. There are 26 people signed up for the course, from the UK, the Netherlands, Canada, USA and Norway, most of whom are considering the possibility of being involved in Bible translation work in some way.

The course involves sessions on various different aspects of the Bible translation task, with participants getting the chance to work on phonetics, phonology, grammar, translation, literacy, scripture use, language survey and anthropology, as well as having an introduction to what it might be like to live and work cross culturally, and the ethical issues of Bible translation and missionary work.

Please pray that the course would go well, and especially that those thinking of being involved with Wycliffe would know whether this is right for them. Please also pray for Laura, that she would learn things that will give her useful background in her job as PA to the Executive Director. Pray for Mark too as he teaches the Phonetics and Survey parts of the course, as well as doing a small session on opportunities to be involved with Wycliffe UK.

We’ll let you know all about it next week!

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