Thanks for your prayers for the Window on Wycliffe (WOW) event that was held last week. It went really well and everyone involved throroughly enjoyed the week. For Laura it was good to have a taste of the various types of work that go on within the organisation and to get an overview of the whole process of Bible translation. We both really enjoyed spending time with the other 25 people on the course, many of whom were of similar ages to us, and getting to know them.

Mark was teaching a few sessions, which seemed to go well. He taught phonetics – the study of sounds in a language – as well as language survey and a small session on overseas opportunities within Wycliffe. It was great for him to be able to talk in depth about things he really enjoys, and to try to answer the questions of the group as they came up.

Please continue to pray for those on the course, that they would know what their role is in the world of missions, whether that’s serving with Wycliffe or another organisation, or supporting the work in prayer or financially. Many of the participants are praying about their future, and whether God would have them serve overseas, so pray that as they think over the various issues they would know where God is leading them.

With all the rain and a tiny bit of sunshine lately our plants have been doing quite well and looking very pretty. It’s hard to believe that the tiny seeds we planted a few months ago are now over a metre tall with pretty flowers, but I guess that’s what happens in the world of plants. We’ve put a few pictures below for you to see…

The other quite dramatic event of the past couple of weeks is that Laura decided she wanted to cut her hair. So, with no previous barber-ish experience, Mark thought it would be fun to have a go…! It actually turned out rather well, although there were one or two slightly stressful moments…! If you look closely at the photos you might even be able to spot some “layers” somewhere too!


And after…

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