Please pray for the Language and Culture Acquisition course that will be held at the Wycliffe Centre from 20 August to 14 September. It is the second of three courses taken by new Wycliffe members (and others from other organisations) going overseas to do language work.

The course is split into three main sections, with participants learning about how to learn a new language and culture, studying the sounds they may encounter in a new language, and then attempting to learn a new language from scratch from a mother tongue speaker without any access to written materials in that language.

Mark will be teaching part of the phonetics (the study of sounds) section of the course which will be a challenge for him as he’s never taught phonetics at that level before. It should be good fun though, with the participants split up into small groups, and also helping them as they put what they learn into action to learn a new language.

Please also pray for Mark as he tries to keep up with his regular office work, including organising the “Connect Weekend” for 18-25s from 7-9 September.

Laura has enjoyed a couple of quiet weeks as her boss Geoff has been away, but things will probably get busier over the next few weeks. She will also be helping at a holiday club for 5-11s at church this week, so please pray that that goes well.

Thanks for your prayers!

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