Thanks for your prayers for the Connect Weekend last weekend. The event went really well with 14 young people from around the country coming together to encourage each other and learn more about the role they have to play in the task of Bible translation.

Eddie Arthur spoke to us about reading the Bible with a missional perspective, and challenged us to consider the fact that translation is in the very nature of God. God is a God of diversity and variety with translation being at the heart of Christianity, the most awesome example being God himself taking on a form that we could understand as a man.

We concluded that we do Bible translation, not just because the Bible is important to bring people closer to God, but because the very work of translation of the gospel message into other languages and cultures brings glory to God. If you want to read more about what Eddie was talking about, take a look at this page on his blog.

Another highlight of the weekend was the opportunity to hear from three of the young people who had been overseas this summer on short-term missions trips and to pray for the communities they interacted with. We were also able to hear from some of the current students who are training to go overseas in the new year and to pray for them and the work they will be going to do.

Please pray for the young people, that they will go away excited about the role they can play in Bible translation. Pray that their vision would increase over the next few months, and that they would know what the Lord is calling them to. Please also pray that they would share their vision with others so that many more people can be aware of the huge issue of Bible poverty worldwide.

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