Please pray for the Connect Weekend for 18-25s this weekend (7-9 September). It’s a chance for 18-25 year olds to come together, enjoy spending time with each other, and explore the role they can play in the Bible translation task.

Some of these young people are considering serving with Wycliffe overseas, while others are wanting to support the work in other ways.

We will have Eddie Arthur speaking at the event on the subject of “reading the Bible with a missional perspective”. Eddie is a really fascinating guy who has worked for many years with the Kouya people in the Ivory Coast, so we’re really looking forward to having him for the weekend.

One of the most important parts of the weekend is the chance for the young people to enjoy spending time together and to really encourage each other. Please pray that the 15 or so participants on the weekend (and any students who join us) would really gel together and that the relationships built would be one of the highlights of the weekend.

Please pray for all the practical arrangements for the weekend, as Mark hasn’t had much time to organise things as he’s been teaching for the past few weeks. Please pray that the Lord brings everything together and that we won’t have forgotten anything too important!

Laura will also be helping to organise a Barbecue for people living and working on the centre on Sunday (9th), so she would appreciate your prayers for that. We’re hoping for good weather, and for many people to attend and to enjoy relaxing together outside of a work environment!

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