Thanks for your prayers for the LACA (Language and Culture Acquisition) course which is going on at the moment. It’s going really well and the participants appear to be enjoying it…!

Mark is really enjoying teaching his phonetics (the study of sounds) class, which basically involves teaching people to make lots of funny noises! The biggest problem is when he can’t make the noise himself, but thankfully there has only been one sound so far (the trilled “r”) that he hasn’t been able to make that his students have… Anyway, Mark’s Dad and brother and sister can’t do it either, so it must be an inherited disability…!

We’re really enjoying having other people on the centre, especially young people, and Mark has appreciated being able to play football quite a few times over the last few weeks! It’s really exciting to have so many students around, and encouraging to think that many of them will be going overseas to work in Bible translation projects!

We spent this past weekend with Mark’s family in Wiltshire which was nice. It was also good to be able to visit one of our supporting churches on Sunday and to see people again, many of whom support us faithfully in prayer and financially. It’s always good to be reminded of how the Lord uses his church to provide for all our needs, and encouraging to remember how many people are supporting us in so many different ways as we work with Wycliffe.

A couple of weeks ago we went with some of the volunteers from the centre to Windsor Castle, one of the places where our lovely Queen lives. It was nice to see all the posh stuff and the graves of past kings and queens, although I think the current queen was in one of her other castles at the time…

Here are some pictures from the castle…

Toy soldiers

St George’s Chapel

Laura on duty

Look at me, I’m a tourist!

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