Yes…you heard me right – Aerobics! We’ve been doing aerobics two nights each week here at the Centre (I mean myself and other girl students on site…not Mark) and its been so fun! One girl leads us through all the moves to music with a good beat – tonight it was The Beach Boys. Its cool because when it rains we have no excuse to sit around…

Anyway, I thought I’d pass along my enthusiasm…not all of it though because I will need some for next time…!

Also…I think I have converted to Rugbyism this weekend…! I even saw a clip with American Football in it…and thought…mmm, I like Rugby better! For those of you who aren’t aware…England went from being ‘really rubbish’ to being in the World Cup Final over a time span of 4 weeks. Saturday night will tell all! : )

Something else that happened to me this last weekend was FOOTBALL! I played for the first time for about 100 years at the weekend and it was really fun! I scored a goal, which I am still in shock over… Mark is still laughing at me because apparently you’re not supposed to apologise to the goal keeper afterward…! I really want to play again…but its getting really dark and rainy…so we’ll see. Maybe its the Lord’s plan that I become a pro and he will part the clouds for practice! : )

Well, that’s all for now…except this lovely picture of a sunset that displayed the glory of God right outside our door the other day…

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