Only 5 and a bit weeks till we go to the US for Christmas and weddings! We’ll be going to Oregon, Georgia and California in December which we’re really looking forward to. It will be a chance to catch up with friends and family, go to two exciting weddings, and hopefully build more relationships with supporters in the US.

Here are some more things we can’t wait to do:

Eat a hot dog in the airport (Laura)
Eat Mexican food (both)
Watch American football (Mark) Yeah it’s a really strange game… but strangely addicting
Practice our American accents (both)
Introduce myself as Marrrrrrrrrk (Mark)
Park in an extra large parking space
Drive on the wrong side of the road
Have someone fill up the car with “gas” for us
Shop at Trader Joe’s (Laura)
Drink eggnog (Laura)

But we’re making the most of the English autumn… here are some pretty pictures from the woods…

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