The “Wycliffe and Me” event on Saturday went really well, so thanks to those of you who were praying for that. We had a really good group of 17 participants, all wanting to know how they can best be involved in the task of Bible translation.

Many of these participants were thinking of serving overseas, either in a language project or in support work, while others were wanting to know how they can support the work from home. Please continue to pray for these people as they go away and think and pray about what God is calling them to.

One of the highlights of the event was having various Wycliffe staff sharing about the work they do or have done overseas, and hearing many of the stories they had to tell. It was also great to hear from a team from Mali who are currently typesetting their New Testament in preparation for its printing in the next few months.

Mark is now back in the office and enjoying being able to concentrate on his to-do list which has steadily been growing over the past few weeks! Laura is currently working on the minutes that she took for the board meeting last week which seemed to go really well.

Please pray for both of us as we continue in our roles – we’re both really enjoying what we’re doing, but finding that there’s often a lot more to do than we have time for!

Laura is good at making sure we have some time off though, and one of the things we really enjoy is walking in the beautiful woods around here. Here are some pictures we took a couple of weeks ago… (the leaves are just starting to turn colour now, so hopefully we’ll have some even prettier pictures soon…!)

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