Today, 11 November 2007, is the day that all of the UK remembers the veterans of various wars, particularly the first and second world wars. The traditional symbol is the red poppy because after the first world war poppy fields grew in the former battle fields, which came to signify the blood that was spilled to defend freedom. Everyone observes this day by holding a minute of silence at 11:00 am, the exact time the first world war officially ended on 11 November 1918. Many churches in our area, including our own, observed this time today.

Today we were also able to relax with some students who will be joining the Uganda-Tanzania Branch at the end of their training this winter. We had roast dinner and then went for a ramble (pootle, dawdle, etc) through the woods which was very pretty with all the autumn colours.

Here are some pics of us baking (yum, yum) yesterday, and also some of our time in the woody woods…

Amy, me and Rachel baking

Rachel trying to run away from the camera… (Amy, me and Nev in the background)

A poppy field (we didn’t take that one…)

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