Here in southern England we’re enjoying the autumn colours in all their glory… it’s really beautiful around the Wycliffe Centre and we so enjoy all the trees which seem to be a different colour each day! I even saw a flock of 17 baby pheasants running across the lawn outside his office the other day! But we keep posting pictures of the beautiful surroundings, so I’ll stop talking about that now and move on to something else…!

Work isn’t too busy for me at the moment, but we’re praying that God will be prompting those he wants to be joining Wycliffe in the next few months, and that we would be able to encourage them and help them to find what their role might be within the organisation.

We’re particularly excited about a literacy team that we’re hoping to send to Chad next year to work in a refugee camp with a group from Darfur, Sudan. More details about this soon, but if you think this might be something that interests you please do start praying about it!

Laura’s doing well, and helping to organise a bonfire night (for those of you who aren’t British, that’s an annual celebration to commemorate a failed attempt to blow up the houses of parliament by a man called Guy Fawkes in 1605) on Monday which should be good fun. Her job as PA to the Executive Director seems to be going well too.

Last weekend we took a trip to Wiltshire to visit my parents. My brother and sister were also there because we were having a late “surprise” birthday celebration for my Mum who was 50 last month. We also had the privilege of meeting my brother’s girlfriend, Helen, which was cool. I can’t believe Phil has a girlfriend…!

Yesterday we took a trip with an American family who are training here to Greenwich in London to see the royal observatory and the meridian line (0 degrees longitude). Here are some pictures from the trip, and from our weekend with my parents last week…

Oh yeah, and I cut Laura’s hair again!

Lizzi, Mum, Mark, Laura, Phil and Helen

The same, but with Dad substituted for Helen (in case you hadn’t guessed)

Laura’s beautiful hair

Some nice building in London

The sign points to the Royal Observatory

Looking out over central London

Standing on the meridian!

Trey, Terri and Tom

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