It’s getting colder… and darker here in southern England! Each day the sun seems to set a bit earlier, and when it’s a wet and rainy day it seems even darker! Unfortunately the days of playing football in the evening now seem a distant memory… But the good news is that it’s only 2 weeks until we leave for America and we’re getting really excited!

On Sunday we had the privilege of going to Cambridge for a mission Sunday at one of the big student churches there. It was great to hear a guy called Lindsay Brown, the General Secretary of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) challenge us about the importance of cross-cultural mission and taking the gospel to all nations.

It was also really encouraging to be able to talk to many people after the service who were interested in the work of Wycliffe, many of them considering whether they might go abroad at some point. Please pray for all these people – some students and some not – as they pray about their response to the challenges they heard on Sunday.

On the way home we went through a nice snow shower, which was very exciting for Laura, and also for Larissa (from Russia) who had come with us for the day – I think it made her feel at home!

On Saturday we had a Thanksgiving dinner with an American family here at the Centre which was nice. For those of you who don’t know, Thanksgiving is an annual celebration where Americans come together to eat lots of food, watch American football and thank God for pumpkins and turkeys. And it’s supposed to have something to do with some pilgrims a long time ago too…

The trees on a beautiful frosty morning here at the Wycliffe Centre

Our friends’ Thankfulness Tree (if you look carefully you can see some of the things we were thankful for – Laura, beans and life)


In Cambridge with Rob, Ben (both Mark’s friends from university), Laura (as you probably guessed) and Larissa

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