Please pray for the “Wycliffe and Me” event we’re holding in York on Saturday (December 1st). It’s a chance for people to find out more about how they can be involved with Wycliffe.

We have 13 people signed up so far, with hopefully several more coming along on the day. This will be the first time we’ve held the event away from the Wycliffe Centre, so there are some challenges involved. Please pray for the 5 or 6 staff who will be sharing about their experiences with Wycliffe, and that the things they share would be really helpful to those listening. Pray that we would really answer the questions that people have, and encourage them as they consider where God might have them in the future.

Please also pray that God would be putting his vision on people’s hearts, and that they would know how God is calling them to be involved in the work of Bible translation, whether that’s through praying, giving or going!

I’d appreciate your prayers for safe travel, as I’ll be driving up to York on Friday evening, and then back again after the event on Saturday night. And for Laura who will be on her own on Friday night… for the first time since we were married! Poor Laura…!

Sorry – I’ve just reread what I wrote and it seems like I’ve said the same thing about 4 times… maybe I should just stop and organise all the things that still need to be done before Saturday!!

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