After a total of around 13 hours in the air, we arrived in Portland, Oregon last Tuesday, where we met up with Laura’s family for the first time in almost a year. It’s been really great to see them again, and to spend the last week or so hanging out and relaxing!

They live about an hour south of Portland, in a small town called Keizer, near Salem in Oregon. It’s been fun to explore the area a little bit, and we’ve had a bit of culture shock seeing the number of shopping malls and huge stores, with just about anything and everything you could ever need (and a lot more) within a 5 mile radius! It’s a lot easier doing Christmas shopping here than in High Wycombe…

But the main focus at the moment is a wedding! Laura’s brother Michael is getting married to his fiancee Marie on Saturday which we’re really looking forward to! It’s nice preparing for a wedding and not being the focus of attention – we’ve been helping out with a few things, but it’s not quite as busy for us as it was this time last year!

Marie’s family are Russian, and she speaks fluent Russian, so I’ve been trying out my few Russian phrases which has been fun. Privet, Poka, Sushki suhski sushki etc…!

We’re also currently preparing for the week after Christmas when we’ll be going down to Northern California and speaking at one of our supporting churches there. Please pray for us as we prepare what to share with them, and that we’d be able to really strengthen the relationships we have with people there.

Laura’s family (with Michael and Marie on the right)

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