After three weeks in Oregon with Laura’s family we flew down to northern California where we were blessed to witness the wedding of Laura’s friend April and her fiancee Jonathan. It was a great day – Laura was a bridesmaid and looked very pretty of course…

The time in northern California was also a chance to catch up with one of our sending churches – Calvary Chapel Petaluma. It was such an encouragement to be there and to be made to feel so welcome by so many people, some of whom we knew and some we didn’t! We really felt at home there, even though Laura only spent a year in Petaluma and I was only there to visit a couple of times.

We spoke at church on the Sunday morning – about the day of Pentecost when God allowed the believers to proclaim his glory in many different languages so that people from every place could hear and understand. We looked at how God is a God of great variety and diversity, but how he is also a God of translation who wants to meet us at a deep, personal level, at the core of who were are. If you want to hear the talk it’s available here by the wonders of modern technology…

After that we flew down to the 70 degree (fahrenheit, thankfully) heat of southern California, where we spent a fun and relaxing couple of days with our friends Amber and Glenn. We even got to see part of the Rose Parade – an American New Years Day parade with lots and lots of flowers…!

Jonathan and April at the rehearsal dinner

The reception hall (with lovely rose petals scattered by Mark…)

The lovely couple

Laura looking pretty in her bridesmaid’s dress

The Rose Parade in Pasadena, southern California

Our friends Glenn and Amber

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