It’s nice to be back in quaint old England after our visit to the US over Christmas. We’ve been continuing in our jobs here with Wycliffe UK and trying not to freeze in the English winter!

Mark is still keeping in contact with a few enquirers who are considering applying to Wycliffe in the next few weeks. He’ll also be helping to teach on the “Window on Wycliffe” course in a couple of weeks – a course which is designed to give enquirers more of an idea of what it’s like to work overseas with Wycliffe.

Laura now has a new boss – the former Executive Director reached the end of his third term in office, and so had to step down. The new Executive Director has unofficially started and will officially take over at the beginning of March. So far Laura is really enjoying working with him and serving in this way.

Last week we had a “sleepover” (slumber party in American…) at church with the 10-16 year-olds which was fun…! They were actually surprisingly well behaved, and with the help of 4 large blankets and 2 sleeping bags we got about 5 hours sleep on the cold church floor which we were pretty happy with!

A couple of weeks ago we made two trips to Heathrow airport in London to say goodbye to friends going to Tanzania. Quite a few of our friends have headed out there to work, and are currently going through an orientation course. It’s encouraging for us to see people, some of whom Mark has helped to recruit and teach, arriving in Tanzania to begin working in Bible translation projects!

Here’s one of the groups as they were about to leave…!

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