I am really enjoying homemaking as a part time career… It is a lot of work and I never fully appreciated the art growing up, as I suspect most youngsters wouldn’t. After having read Laura Ingalls Wilder’s ‘Little House’ series, my imagination has run away like wild horses with how to recapture (ok…I am an idealist) those old time principles and values. Girl or boy, young or old – read the books; they’re timeless, educational and wholesome!

One of the things I have embraced lately, bless my husband and his useful muscles, is vegetable gardening… What an amazing way to provide good, local food for your family, while simultaneously worshipping God through His creation. Getting to know plants and the dirt they live in makes things messier than they would have otherwise been…but the lessons learned about the tremendousness of our Creator make the clean up worth it!

Following the advice of a much respected itinerant pastor to missionaries’s wife (mouthful), I have also cut down on the processed foods bought and used for our meal-times. This was easy advice for me to take as I am already a food skeptic…maybe paranoia…! When I asked her what I could be doing while in the ‘West’ to be preparing for our ‘someday life’ in Africa, she recommended getting used to making something out of nothing as many of the prepared items that we are used to buying at any super-market will not be available in most places in East Africa. So far, its been an adventure… especially bread making without any special equipment – I finally found a good recipe that I can make completely with my hands – and the bonus that Mark and I both like and will eat it!

As my friend April has always said…creativity is a characteristic of our God of redemption…or something like that. I pray that as I explore creative (inexpensive) ways to make our home, He will speak His truth about His loving care to others even through this small, somewhat overlooked area of our day to day lives.

Our little garden patch, which is currently being expanded!


And a pretty rose

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