Please pray for the situation in Chad at the moment, which I’m sure you’re aware is very unstable. Rebel forces have been attacking the capital N’Djamena and entered parts of it at the weekend, but have apparently been pushed back since.

Most Wycliffe members (who work with our partner organisation in Chad) were evacuated by the French army to Libreville, Gabon, so we’re thankful for their safety, but there are obviously millions of Chadians still in the middle of the fighting.

One of those evacuated was training here at the centre last autumn, and had only been in Chad for a week when this happened. Apparently he is doing very well though, despite being very close to the presidential palace where some of the worst fighting was at one point.

Please pray for Chad – that peace and stability would return there, and that there would be reconciliation. Also pray for our national partners still in the country and their families, that they would be safe and be witnesses to Christ in this crisis.

(Photo courtesy of BBC News)

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