Please pray for the Window on Wycliffe course that will be happening over the next week. The course is a chance for people interested in serving overseas with Wycliffe to get more of an idea what it’s like to live and work overseas.

23 people are expected on the course – mostly from the UK and the Netherlands, with a few from Sweden, Romania and a little country across the Atlantic called America…? Or something like that…

During the course the participants get a chance to try out various types of language work that they could do overseas with Wycliffe – things like phonetics (the study of sounds), phonology (how the sounds work together), grammar, translation, literacy, scripture use and language survey (the best and most exciting work ever! Not that I’m biased…). They will also have some cross-cultural activities to negotiate, as well as looking at some of the practical and ethical issues of living overseas.

Please pray for the participants – that they would find the course interesting, informative and good fun, and that God would guide them as to what he wants them to be doing in the future.

Please also pray for Mark who will be teaching phonetics and language survey, as well as helping out with some of the cross-cultural activities and talking to the UK participants about how they can serve with Wycliffe UK.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the course, take a look here

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