Yeah – today is Palm Sunday and it was my first encounter with the Anglican traditions linked with the occasion as somehow we missed it last year…!

At our church, St. Peter and St. Paul’s in Stokenchurch, we had a special reading that incorporated a lot of the congregation. The week before we were asked to sign up for parts in a dramatic reading of the Passion account in Luke. Being as adventurous as we are…we chose the smallest portions in the reading: the two thieves on either side of Jesus at the crucifixion. I was the unbelieving thief and Mark was the believing (mine was a smaller part…). It made the reading very alive and allowed many people to participate in and feel a part of the service.

Our Crosses

Another delightful highlight were the small palm crosses that were distributed to the congregation during the second hymn. I could tell by the way Mark reacted amusedly to my surprise that this was another tradition carried out by the Anglican church. It was quite a novelty holding a cross constructed from a palm leaf on this day.

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