Thanks for your prayers for the Window on Wycliffe (or WOW) course a couple of weeks ago. The course went really well, with 23 participants from 5 different countries having a lot of fun and hopefully learning a lot about Bible Translation in the process!

I really enjoyed teaching sessions on phonetics and language survey, as well as telling people more about the process of joining Wycliffe, which many of them were considering. It’s always exciting for me to talk about Tanzania and the work I was doing overseas, especially now that I’m stuck in cold England…!

Please pray for those involved in the course as you look over the pictures – that they would know where they can best use their skills and the desires God has given them, whether that is with Wycliffe or not.

Buying and selling at the cross-cultural market

Trying to increase your status in your culture…

Trekking through the Wycliffe Centre on the Language Survey “treasure hunt”

Trying to persuade a stubborn person to use a newly translated Bible

Eating cross-culturally!

The gang

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