Thanks for your prayers for us as we were at Spring Harvest last week. We were manning a Wycliffe stand and talking to anyone who was interested about the work of Bible translation and how they can be involved.

Although the week was quite quiet, we did have some very encouraging conversations with people. Some people were seriously considering going overseas with Wycliffe, while others had never really thought about it before but were interested to know the kind of needs that we have.

We were also showing people our online vacancies, which show around 600 personnel needs worldwide (actually only about 20% of our total vacancies!).

As well as manning the stand, we were also able to attend many of the sessions which was a real blessing. It was great to hear inspirational speakers talking about the church today, and how we need to be witnesses in our world. I think the one we most enjoyed listening to was Gavin Calver (son of Clive Calver) who is a youth worker in London, and extremely passionate about seeing a revival in the UK with the younger generation at the heart of it. His talks were encouraging and challenging for us, as the reality in our church can often seem a long way from that!

The offering from Spring Harvest this year will be going towards Bible translation, which is exciting, although most of the focus was on the Bible Society, working mainly in distributing scriptures in larger languages. Please pray that the minority languages would not be forgotten, and that people would become passionate about seeing the Bible translated into each of the 2,300 or so languages that still need it!

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