We were speaking at a church in East London today which was good. We did a children’s talk where they had to match different numbers with the Bible translation statistics that went with them, and then I spoke to the adults about how the Bible shows us that translation is part of God’s character.

After a yummy lunch we spoke a little bit about what we’re doing now, and what I was doing when I was working in Tanzania.

Afterwards it was great to talk with several people from the church. One lady came and shared her testimony of how she became a Christian.

She is originally from Cameroon, and has lived in the UK for 8 years. She had heard about Christianity before, but it was only when someone explained it in relation to her own culture that the truth really hit her.

In the culture of her ethnic group, if a child disobeyed their parents and the parents were angry with them, the child would run away to another close relative, like an Uncle. The Uncle would then go to the parents on behalf of the child, bringing with him an offering, for example a chicken, that would act as a peace offering and the parents would forgive the child.

When she was told that this was what Jesus had done for her, she was amazed and decided that she needed to run to Jesus and accept his offer of making things right with God.

This testimony really encouraged me again about how important it is for people to have the Bible available in their own language and culture, because that’s the only way it can really speak to their heart. It’s also amazing to see how God has put little glimpses of his kingdom in every culture around the world, making people ready to accept the perfect sacrifice – Jesus on the cross.

My friend Richard holding a chicken… not that he’s Cameroonian (although he says people sometimes think he is, because he looks West African and his surname is Yalonde, which sounds like Yaounde…)

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