My friend Richard, at Bible college in Tanzania, asks us to pray for him over the next few days especially as he has exams. Here’s what he says:

I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. I do thank God that I continue well with my studies in this second semester. I will start final exams on 12th of May and to finish on 23rd of May.


  • I thank God that I finished well my first semester.
  • Thank you for your prayer, I finished the first semester without having health problem.
  • I thank God I got a room not far from my college. My second year I will be staying out side of the compus because there is no enough houses at the college campus.
  • I have computer which have access to the Internet!!


    • Pray for my final exams which will start in 12 of May up to 23 of May as have mentioned above.
    • Pray for my health.
    • Pray for security when I will be staying out side of the compus, because there are alot of killing which is going on around the area of my college.
    • Pray for me that, I will get enough money for stationary and books.

      Challenges which I’m facing in my studies.

      • We are four people in the small room, which is not good in health wise.
      • Printing. I spend a lot of money in printing my assignments, because the teachers want us (students) to submit the typed assignments not hand written.

        I appreciate your pray for me. And I believe you will continue to pray me, so that I can do well in my studies. May God bless you for that. Amen

        Thank you,

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