We have had some really cool encounters with birds lately. Its been an especially nice treat for me because it means I can enjoy little creatures without having pets, as our situation doesn’t allow us to have any.

When we were at Windsor Castle on Saturday ~ on an amazing date planned by my thoughtful husband! ~ we spotted this adorable little guy on the wall looking out over the mote. A small crowd soon gathered when people realised we were looking at the wall, and not the beautiful scene beyond.

Little friend

A hole on the outside of our wooden flat has also become a home for a family of birds, although I am not sure what type because they stay inside a lot! I hope their mummy is ok because I tend to hear the little chirpies a lot…! My ear is now trained to the sound of baby birds and I have found a couple of nests just by listening out…impressive eh?! : )

Praise the Lord for his creation ~ and that we get a daily dose of birdies where we live!

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