You know… I love the people I work with…

We just had our annual conference – and although it was squished into one day instead of the normal three – I really thought it was great! So many people came – most of whom I had emailed before, but never met outside of cyber-space. So, I spent the whole day taking mental snapshots of my colleagues.

The entire day was very well run and, as always, I enjoyed the insight my colleagues presented at the front, and almost took for granted the smooth operation of the sound and other techie things, except I knew how much planning went into that side of things – and it turned out very nicely.

The highlight for me was the discussion groups we broke off into, which consisted of a random handful of colleagues, some of whom I rarely see or talk to. We met up three times during the day to discuss what had been presented at the conference and brainstorm ways that we could apply it to our work with Wycliffe.

I don’t like disagreement, which is inevitable with 10 people, Christian or not, discussing different methods of doing things. And we had plenty of different points of view and ideas in my group.

The thing that hit home in me was how real we all are, and that not one of us sees anything the same way. This is a picture of God’s plan for diversity in His creation, and I appreciate that we had the chance to face the diversity in our organisation head on this day. It would have been easier to listen to the talks and apply the points individually, in the safety of our own hearts and minds – but that isn’t what God is doing. He faces our diversity head on and asks us to do the same with each other.

So, while my tummy turned in knots over the conflict of views as I sat in our little group of Wycliffites, I later praised the Lord for giving us that chance to develop relationships with each other. And to be real about the differences we possess.

Later in the day we had worship and communion to tie things off, and I felt truly united with all my brothers and sisters in Christ. It was a richer unity than it otherwise would have been because I really felt the tension of diversity just earlier in the day.

This funny picture (from our colleague Tat-Yu in Tanzania) was the closest I could find to the theme of being united in our diversity! I think chickens and cows are pretty diverse, and these guys are doing a good job of being united…!

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