Via a comment left on this blog, we recently discovered the blog of Kenneth Mwazembe from the town of Vwawa, Mbozi District of Mbeya Region, Tanzania. Kenneth is a journalist who has been blogging for a few months about various things happening in and around Mbozi District.

I was excited to see this blog, because Mbozi District of Mbeya Region was the first area that we surveyed when I was doing Language Survey in Tanzania back in August 2004. The District is home to many people groups and languages, but the main group in the District are the Nyiha, whose language we surveyed. (Other groups present include the Wanda and Sichela, and also Ndali, Nyakyusa, Safwa, Lambya and Nyamwanga (known as Namwanga in Zambia) and others whose main areas are in other Districts of Mbeya Region).

When we were in Mbozi District in 2004, there wasn’t a single internet cafe in the whole district, so it was a nice surprise for me to see Kenneth’s blog and to hear news from the area!

Kenneth’s blog is in Swahili, so those of you unfortunate enough not to know this wonderful language will have to make do with looking at the beautiful pictures! The title – Maisha ni Vita – is a Swahili saying meaning “life is war”.

(Special mention to my friend Richard who is also from Mbozi District – originally from the village of Nyimbili (I think… am I right Richard?) but more recently from the district capital of Vwawa).

  1. elton mapesa says:

    We Mwazembe nu wamwinyu uyo uRichard iga mwe nalyoli mukufuma ku Mbozi shoni she mukusimba Ishingereza? Msimbaje Ishinyiha

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