We’d really appreciate your prayers for the “Window on Wycliffe” course being held over the next week. It’s a chance for people from the UK and around Europe to see a bit of what it’s like to live and work overseas with Wycliffe.

We have 30 people planning to attend from all over Europe, which is great! Eleven are from the UK and all are considering working with Wycliffe at some point. It’s also quite a young group, with 24 of them under the age of 30.

I’ll be teaching phonetics (the study of sounds), language survey (what I did in Tanzania) and a session about Wycliffe opportunities, as well as helping with some of the fun cross-cultural simulations and maybe playing football (strictly to get to know people better, so it definitely counts as work…)

Please pray that the sessions would give people a realistic view of what it’s like to live and work overseas, and that they would have a clear idea as to what God might be calling them to as well as having a lot of fun together as a group!


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