I (Mark) am currently in the middle of teaching on the Language and Culture Acquisition course. It’s a course for people training to work overseas, mainly with Wycliffe but also with other organisations.

The course is basically split into two halves – phonetics (teaching the participants to recognise and reproduce sounds that they’re not used to hearing) and language and culture learning (teaching them techniques to learn and adapt quickly to a new language and culture.

I’m teaching on the phonetics part, which means I get to say lots of funny sounds every day, which is fun, although slightly surreal at times!

We have a lot of fun in the groups, and there’s the additional incentive this year for the ten students for whom this course is part of an MA programme – something that we’ve been able to offer for the first time.

I’d appreciate your prayers that I would teach well, and particularly that I would produce the sounds correctly and in a way that will really help the students as they prepare to work overseas.

I’m also trying to keep up on other recruitment work at the same time, which I’d appreciate your prayers for – particularly corresponding with enquirers, helping new members to work out overseas assignments, and planning a weekend for 18-25s next weekend. Please pray that God would be at the centre of it all, and that his strength would be made perfect in our weakness.

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