Window on Wycliffe

Thanks for your prayers for the Window on Wycliffe course that happened last week. The 30 participants seemed to find the course really useful in knowing where God might be leading them. For some it confirmed that Wycliffe is not the place for them to be serving at the moment, while others are seriously looking into going overseas to work as part of the Bible translation team.

It was also a really fun week, with several cross-cultural simulations, including a meal and a couple of other fun games. I enjoyed teaching phonetics (the study of sounds) and particularly language survey, which is what I spent two and a half years doing in Tanzania.

Please continue to pray for the participants, especially those for whom the week gave them a vision for Bible translation, but they are unsure as to exactly the kind of role that they should play in it. Please also pray for the staff as we’re continually trying to improve the course to give people a realistic idea of what it’s like to live and work overseas with Wycliffe.

Now we’re off on holiday for a few days camping in (hopefully dry and sunny…!) Dorset.

Buying and selling at the cross-cultural market

The Chatino market in Mexico…

Mark teaching a phonetics session

Coming up with an alphabet for an unwritten language

Trying to convince someone to read a newly translated Bible

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