Occasionally people ask me “So what exactly do you do at Wycliffe?” I know that, because most of those who ask are reserved English people, there are probably other people who wonder the same thing but never ask. So here’s a rough guide…

My job title is recruitment coordinator. This basically means that my job is to help facilitate what the Holy Spirit is already doing by encouraging people to consider the role they can play in the Bible translation task. This can be in many ways, for instance:

Talking to and emailing people who contact us wanting to know how they can be involved in Bible translation. Usually this means helping them to understand that Bible translation involves a large team of people and exploring what might be their best place in that team.

Representing Wycliffe at mission days, events etc. For instance last week I was in Leeds at a meeting with other mission organisations to discuss a university mission roadshow that is happening in the north east of England next month.

Publicising what God is doing via the Wycliffe UK website and blog. The hope is that this will put people into more direct contact with what God is doing worldwide and make them feel part of his work as they pray for missionaries and translation projects.

Organising events, like Wycliffe and Me, and encouraging people to come on the Window on Wycliffe course that is run by the European Training Programme here at the Wycliffe Centre. These courses are designed to help people understand more of what goes on in Bible translation and to consider the role that they can play.

Arranging assignments for new members going overseas. This can be very easy or quite a challenge, depending on where a person is hoping to go and what opportunities there are at the time in that part of the world.

I enjoy being distracted, so it’s also fun occasionally to do other things like coordinating (in a very hands-off way) the mission course for our overseas volunteers here at the UK Centre, looking at updating the Wycliffe UK website guidelines, and designing bookmarks and postcards to raise awareness about Bible translation.

I always look forward to Monday morning because I enjoy my job so much! My favourite part is that it is so varied so I never get bored, although it does mean I have to try and be disciplined and not put off the things I don’t enjoy so much!

So next time you’re wondering what you can pray for me as I’m… translating Bibles???… with Wycliffe, hopefully this will give you more of an idea!

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