Ernest Goodman at Missions Misunderstood has written a post to help missionaries know how best to communicate with their supporters in the 21st Century, and has some good pointers.

Be creative in your communication. Post photos. Upload videos. Record a podcast. Publish a comic book. Produce a weekly online radio show. Make an iTunes music mix, print t-shirts, put together a desktop widget. Do something to insure that your relationship to the people who support you is interesting, relevant, informative, and encouraging.

Speak prophetically into what’s happening Stateside [MW: or in the UK, Kingdomside?]. There is a broad conversation among churches and church leaders about being missional. (Missional, in case you’re not familiar with the term, refers to an intentional Christian lifestyle that incarnates the gospel into one’s cultural context. It’s the opposite of “attractional” ministry and “forrays into the world” mission trips.) Of all the voices in the missional conversation, few (if any) belong to missionaries. If you’re not participating in the conversation, you’re missing a huge opportunity to speak into a massive and influential Christian movement. And the movement desperately needs the influence of those who are planting churches cross-culturally. read more

Posting regularly on the Wycliffe UK blog has made me realise how powerful it is when missionaries overseas post text, photos, videos etc of what God is doing in different parts of the world. For us here in the UK it often feels like we don’t have much exciting to communicate to people, but we can still be giving people a global perspective on the worldwide mission of the church.

If Laura and I become involved in a Bible translation project in Tanzania in the future I think that communicating what God is doing to partners worldwide needs to be a very high priority in our work, and social networking (internet permitting) has a huge role to play.

Now all we need is a video camera…

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