On January 6th 2007 Laura and I were married in a small church in Silverton, Oregon. It was a cold day with watery sunshine, and the bride was beautiful. I know you’re always supposed to say that, but in this case it was true.

In the last two years God has taught us a lot, about ourselves, about each other and about himself. Here are some of our favourite parts about marriage…


  • I never have to calculate anything

  • There’s someone to get rid of spiders from the bath

  • More presents at Christmas

  • There’s always someone to eat the leftovers

  • I have an excuse to make lots of desserts


  • I have someone to tell me if my clothes match

  • My knowledge of sewing, knitting, card making and movies has increased significantly

  • My vocabulary has increased, to include words such as “trash” and “faucet”

  • There’s always someone to laugh at my jokes, however forced the laughter may be

  • An extra holiday with good food – I’m still not sure what Thanksgiving is all about, but the food’s pretty good!

On Sunday we went in to London to celebrate. After going to a large church (that is very different from our own!) in the morning we travelled via tube (London Underground) and foot to Laura’s surprise lunch! We were slightly disappointed when, on trying to open the restaurant door, we found it was locked. But thankfully a little Ethiopian lady appeared, opened the door, took our order and cooked us some of the nicest Ethiopian food – our favourite food in the whole world!

We spent the rest of the afternoon looking round about 10% of the Science Museum – one of many great free museums in London, which is actually really interesting (not just for me, but Laura found it fascinating too!). Here are a couple of photos…

Laura standing next to Stephenson's Rocket

Laura standing next to Stephenson’s Rocket

Me next to Puffing Billy

Me next to “Puffing Billy

The last few days have also been verrrrrry cold in England! We went for a beautiful walk last week in the frost, and then had a bit of snow a couple of days ago…

Panorama (click for larger view)

Panorama (click for larger view)

Looking out from our front door yesterday morning

Looking out from our front door yesterday morning

...and from our back door this morning

…and from our back door this morning

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