The last couple of weeks have been very white here at the Wycliffe Centre, with snow that fell almost two weeks ago only just disappearing now. Thankfully the travel disruption in the UK seems to have passed, which is good as we’re looking forward to two recruitment events in the next week!

This coming week (15-21 February) is the Window on Wycliffe course here at the Wycliffe Centre. We have 24 participants signed up for the course, mainly from the UK and the Netherlands. The aim of the course is to give the participants an overview of Bible translation – both in terms of the biblical reasons of why it is important and how it should be done, and insights into some of the things that happen from day to day throughout the world.

The course will have a different focus this time compared to previous courses, with the emphasis hopefully changing from viewing Bible translation as a task and the target as languages, to seeing it much more in terms of God’s overall mission, and the individuals and communities that he is reaching out to.

Then on Saturday we have a “Check IT Out” event, which is aimed at people with IT and computing skills who are interested in Bible translation. IT plays such a huge role worldwide in a huge variety of ways, so we’re always wanting to encourage people with those skills to think about whether they should be involved in Bible translation, either in the UK or overseas.

As the WOW course has been revamped and Check IT Out is a new event, myself and others are planning and presenting quite a bit of new material for the first time, so we’d really appreciate your prayer as we do that.

Here are some photos of the pretty snow, especially for those of you who aren’t in the UK and aren’t tired of snow photos!

The office snowman, ironically rather camouflaged in the snow

Snowy plant pots

Who’s been walking in our garden?

Big feet, little feet

And again

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