Thanks for praying for the Window on Wycliffe and Check IT Out events last week, which both went very well.

The Window on Wycliffe course had 24 participants, most of whom were from the UK and the Netherlands, who wanted to know more about Bible translation and how they can be involved. We had made quite a few changes to the course since the last time it ran in July, giving the course more of a biblical focus to set the context for the more in-depth sessions exploring Bible translation.

Each morning had a devotional session which set the theme for the day – God’s Mission on Monday, followed by Language and Mission, Translation and Incarnation, Capacity Building and finally Unity, Diversity, Partnership and You! All of the devtional speakers were excellent, and got me excited again about being part of what God is doing through his church worldwide in Bible translation!

The other sessions looked more in-depth at what happens in a translation project – from the mother-tongue translators to translation advisors, linguists, literacy and scripture use workers, language assessors/surveyors, finance experts, IT personnel, member care, teachers etc etc!

Hopefully the participants went away realising that Bible translation is all about partnership, between people of all different backgrounds and skills, and most importantly between God and his people.

The group seemed to all get on really well together which was a real answer to prayer – they seemed to have a lot of fun as well as learning a lot. Please pray for each one as they go away and pray about what their role should be in God’s mission.

Then on the Saturday we ran a “Check IT Out” event – based on an event that has been held several times in the US, but this was the first time we had hosted one in the UK. The aim of the day was to help people to understand a bit more about the role of IT and computing on the Bible translation team.

We had 9 participants who all seemed to find the day worthwhile. I was very grateful to the various IT staff who presented about the work they do – Software development, IT support, Business Systems, Non-Roman Scripts and Scripture Web Publishing.

Again we’d apreciate your prayers for the participants as they go away and pray about what they heard, that they would know what their next step should be. IT is such a big need on the translation team, that we’d be very happy for some of them to decide that God might be calling them to work in Bible translation!

Here are some photos from the Window on Wycliffe course…

Trying out some language assessment around the Wycliffe Centre

Buying and selling aligators and fences at the Chatino market

Deep in thought…

Literacy – a great asset to a language community

At the market again – this time worrying about cultural issues

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