Each summer Wycliffe UK sends short-term volunteers overseas for a few weeks, to experience Bible translation projects first hand. This year Wycliffe Engage teams will be visiting Burkina Faso, Cameroon and Cambodia.

Laura and I will be leading the Burkina Faso team, as the team visits local communities and churches to see Bible translation and literacy work in action. Our hope is that as well as helping out in small ways, the team will learn a lot from the people they interact with, and will come home having blessed others but also having had their ideas about God and his people challenged and expanded.

This weekend (3-5 April) the team members will be coming together for a time of orientation in preparation for the overseas trips. Members of the three teams have never met each other before, so we’re praying that everyone will get on well together, and that there will be a real team spirit start to form within each group.

As part of the weekend we’ll also be giving the teams practical advice for their time overseas and doing boring but necessary things like Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks.

Please pray for the weekend – for safe travel for the 30 participants and staff involved, for good relationships to be built within the teams, and for everyone to have healthy expectations for their time overseas in the coming months. Thanks!

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